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Let’s look at what you usually do when surfing the web. You see a site you like and start to read it. You are thinking about what a great site it is and if you really like it you bookmark it so you can come back again.

Then something interrupts you, it may be the dog barking at a neighbor or one of the kids starting to cry and you are called away.

What happens when you get back?  You have forgotten what you were looking at and what are the odds you’ll ever use the bookmark to go back?

Want to find out? Go click your bookmarks right now and see if you can even remember what half of them are for. I know I can’t.

Your site visitor is no different then you are. No matter how great your site is things constantly distract people and your visitor is gone.

Now if the site you visited had used a squeeze page and made you an offer of interest, they would have a way to contact you. When they email two days later you remember the great report they gave you and open the email to see what they have to say.

You are very likely to go back and see more of their site. What’s more is that they can continue to invite you back time and again because they have your contact information and your permission.

This is why using a squeeze page and getting permission to follow up with your visitors is so powerful.

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