Self Development

Why Self Development Is
Required for a Home Business

I talked about this on a previous page. I thought this absolutely requires a deeper look.  In my early training I completely missed this and it cost me.  So don’t leave this out of your future and a successful Home Business.  Self Development education is required study.  I have some great articles for you to read.  These pages really tell the truth.

Personal Development
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Business balls free online learning for careers, work self development self development “Tony Robbins has the ability to break down the old patterns that prevent you from being your true self.    Jim Rohn International is the ultimate resource for personal development materials. Use the link above.

A Special Tribute from Jim Rohn’s Grandson

It is hard to follow the above.  I’ll do my best . . .

Self Improvement
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It can sometimes feel overwhelming to engage in self improvement. There are many parts to this process. From eating better, to becoming more polite to others.  Use the link above.

Self Development
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the trick to making self development easier, which I will share at the end of this post, has to do with mirrors and windows. Right now, I need you thinking about handicaps. no, the other kind.   Not the Unlucky Sperm Club initiation trophies kind of handicaps the kind that people create for themselves.  Use the link above.

Personal Development
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Personal development activities improve awareness, identity, develop talents, enhance the quality of life, and bring you closer to your dreams. Honors Grad U is a big promoter of self-education and has provided tips below on how to be the best you.  Use the link above.
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I am frequently asked to help someone get started writing a personal development plan. I think everyone’s plan looks different, because we all are starting at different places. I believe, however, that there are some common questions, which can help all of us think about how we should be developing.  Use the link above.

Here’s a great book.
Self Development and the Way to Power (Classic Reprint)

Focus by Tony Robbins

Check out this book.  No charge to look.


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I hope these articles and my advice helps you to make a great decision for you and your family.  Keep in mind your family is involved here too.

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