Home Office

Home Office

How To Make A Home Office

Come along as Leah and Mary decide that they need to set up an office of their very own…. In Mary’s house. From Craigslist finds, to your basic office supp…


Virtual Assistant Work at Home Office Organization 7′ X 13′ Space

Its amazing how you can easily fit a large Virtual Assistant business¬† into a super small office space with a bit of cleverness and strong organizational skills. The Home Office Organization space is 7′ X 13′ in size.


Organizing Your Home Office for Success

A home office organizing expert provides the necessary strategies for creating and maintaining an organized, efficient, and productive workspace.



Home OfficeJane Veldhoven

I completely re-designed my small home office. All new furniture, new lighting, new organizing systems – it’s a thing of beauty – and functional too!


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